We have some fun and challenging holes here at Diamondback and our par 3s are no exception.  We want to give some tips to our golfers on how to play each of the 3 pars.  Each one has water to deal with.  Each one also has sand to negotiate.  Each one is also exciting and fun to play!  Let’s get to it!

The tips today will be given from the amateur perspective so we will be discussing shots and yardages from the middle or white tees.  After all, we are all amateurs so let’s not pretend we are as good as professionals.  You need to know how to hit the right shots into these holes and we are here to help.

No. 4 is a 134 yard hole.  The water is just in front of the tee box and is not in play.  There is a large waste bunker to carry to reach the green, but with proper club selection it should not be a problem on this short hole.  Grab a short to mid iron depending on your length and aim for the center of the green.  Once on the putting surface take careful aim and see if you can make birdie!

Don’t mistake the 8th hole as easy because it is only 106 yards long.  It guarded by water and a large bunker in front of the green.  Long is safe so make sure to take enough club off the tee.  A wedge or short iron is a good play.  The large green calls for aggressiveness.  Go for the pin.  Anything over par here is a bad score.

The next par 3 is the 125 yard 12th hole.  This hole is deceivingly tough.  With highway 9 as the backdrop behind the green, be sure to take enough club.  The hole looks shorter than it actually plays.  The back to front slope makes for some tough putting once you are on the green.  Take your time and allow for the break.  This is a great little par 3.

No. 16 is the toughest par 3 on the course.  At 180 yards it is much longer than the others.  The right hand side of the green is fronted by a mound so you cannot see the putting surface.  It is lightly uphill to boot.  Make sure to take plenty of club to reach this large green.  Aim for the center of the green off the tee and put a good swing on it.  Par is a very good score here.

We hope these quick tips will help the next time you come out to play Diamondback Golf Club at Woodland Valley.  Click the “Make a Tee Time” tab or call 843.756.3264 and come out and see us soon!