Here at Diamondback Golf Club at Woodland Valley we like to be involved in the community.  To that end we are always looking at unique ways to get golfers and non-golfers alike to come to the course so we can have a chance to interact with them and show them what the Diamondback family is all about.  Recently we have come up with a very fun and family friendly way to attract a crowd.  We think it will be here to stay.

“Family Movie Night” is out latest community event held at our property and it was so much fun!  Check out what General Manager, Patrick Wilkinson had to say about the evening.

“We try to stay involved in the community” said Wilkinson. “We take pride in that and enjoy hosting events that bring golfers and non-golfers alike to the golf course where they can have some fellowship and fun.”

He went on to say “A great time was had by all in attendance.  We had the kids running around playing around the grounds behind the clubhouse.  People were hitting balls on the range as well as putting on our large putting green.  All that was before the main attraction even started.”

The event started in the early evening behind the clubhouse and in front of the driving range. There is where the families were having refreshments along with popcorn and cotton candy amount other treats. We had a special guest in trick shot artist, John Witty, who took to the driving range to put on an exhibition that wowed and amused all in attendance. Once he finished he allowed some of the guests the chance to try and replicate some of the trick shots he had just showed them. This type of interaction was a big hit with both adults and kids. They all have fun taking a whack and some of the trick shots.

The putting green was open as well for adults and kids alike to have some fun with some putting just for practice and some games for kids. Music playing, people were dancing and having fun.  Children were hitting balls and enjoying the freedom of being out on the range.

“It was great to see so many families hanging out and enjoying the driving range and putting green while we were waiting for it to get dark” said Wilkinson.

When it was time for the movie the families got to spread out blankets and chairs to sit in and enjoy the show. The large movie screen was set up in the grass along side the driving range and putting green.  All in all it was a great evening and will be the first of more events like this to come at Diamondback Golf Club.

For more information or to make a tee time visit or call the golf shop 843.756.3264